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KSN offers a full suite of accounting, audit, tax and business advisory services. Feel free to call us to discuss your particular needs.

Audit Exempt Companies

We advise all qualifying clients of the audit exemption option available to them which can significantly reduce the annual cost of your statutory accounting.

First and foremost we are accountants preparing accounts for a broad range of clients in a variety of industries. This means we have the experience and expertise required to meet your business needs. We can provide you with a full accounting service and strategic advice as and when necessary.

Statutory Audit

The firm is registered by Chartered Accountants Ireland to carry out statutory audits.

New Business Start Ups

We have great admiration for every entrepreneur launching a new business venture, it can be a daunting experience. We will advise you every step of the way whether to incorporate as a limited company or sole trader, the various forms of grant assistance and financing that maybe available. Our initial consultation and registering your business for tax is free of charge.


Today tax is the central factor in many business decisions. A mistake in accounting for VAT can be extremely costly to a business or an individual and by not taking advice on a complex transaction or a large transaction can result in a significant tax liability to an individual or a company.

'Closely held' family businesses can be a mine-field for surcharges and deemed distributions triggering income tax, with careful advance planning, huge tax savings are available when passing a business from one generation to the next.

We do more than compute your tax liability - we advise clients on rights and obligations and the best options available to them in filing returns and liaising with the Revenue Commissioners.


We provide a full suite of corporate services including: company formation, company secretarial services, audited accounts, accounts for audit exempt companies and corporation tax compliance.


We provide a liquidation service for companies in difficulty or those who wish to engage in a member’s voluntary liquidation where there is fund to discharge all debts.

Confidential Payroll

Why not outsource your payroll processing? You will have piece of mind knowing that your payroll is being processed in a totally confidential manner.


KSN Accountants are authorised to provide investment advice by Chartered Accountants Ireland. Why not speak to us to understand the investment choices available to you?


Our fees are based upon the skill involved and the time spent on your assignment. All fees are agreed in advance with different payment options avaialble including monthly standing order.

KSN are registered as auditors by Chartered Accountants Ireland (Registration No. AI222826). Details can be found here.
KSN is also authorised by Chartered Accountants Ireland to carry on investment business.